Photo: Pierre Langlois
This photo was taken at Trudeau International in 1979, but the plane’s livery was designed a decade earlier (part of the original Air Jamaica identity) and would remain virtually the same until the mid 1990’s.


Martin WarnesJuly 23, 2012
Air Jamaica The ‘credits / responsibility’ for the design of the AirJamaica brand Id are a wee economical with the truth. Hans K, it is true was the Design Director on this Id project. However, the main designer and most responsible for the actual brand design – including the (very innovative for it’s time) aircraft livery was Martin Warnes (a British Graphic designer – working at S&M) Another designer who should also have been mentioned is Peter Ulmer a Swiss designer – who worked closely with Martin Warnes – implementing the brand across the various print items Martin Warnes left S&M in June 1969 to work for leading New York design Co. Sandgren & Murtha … forming his own UK based specialist Brand Id Co in 1973
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