Todd FalkowskyJuly 29, 2011
I think that this is the first electric violin…anyone help on this?
Ben HeaneyFebruary 10, 2013
Definitely not the first but really an amazing electric violin… see my database for lots of info on development of the electric violin from the late 1920s… thanks
Frank KozmaNovember 25, 2014
I have one of these. It was too short in the back of the neck so I removed some extra material to make it more playable. The original pickup was not glued in well. Once I epoxied it into place, it came alive. No resonance that is, it is very clean but with some reverb, it sounds great. Amazing is the brand name or model of it. It is the first five string I found that used a wider fingerboard. Barcus Berry produced a five string electric (Made famous by Jean Luc Ponty) but they crammed five strings onto a four string fingerboard. I bought mine at Long and McQuade in Toronto in the early 90’s.
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