Jim Donahue





hPDecember 11, 2009
This is such a nice piece. I see it everyday and always loved it, now I know who the creative was. Thanks CDR!
T FalkowskyDecember 11, 2009
No kidding, i love the sound waves, very “on brand”.
JametDecember 11, 2009
Jim Donahue, did he do the Canada Wordmark. Seems like Bay Radio got lucky and found a sweet designer for their little project. Amazing, i wonder what the back story is on this one?
DanielleDecember 11, 2009
so awesome to see this here this week, i’m not from Toronto, but have been checking the BB ads regularly in hopes to buy a product from their store and have been making mental notes about how much i love the logo every time i visit their website.
LindsayDecember 11, 2009
One of the best logos of all time. Seriously beautiful and such a clear concept.
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