Patrick Cox




In September 2005 Patrick Cox celebrated 20 years in the business. From an early age, Canadian born Patrick developed a passion for Brit culture, loving everything from the punk scene to the Queen. In September 1983 he decided to make those dreams a reality, moving to London to study shoe design at Cordwainers Technical College in the East End. Just four months into the first year he was literally plucked from his studies to design shoes for his idol, Vivienne Westwood and then went on to work with John Galliano, Anna Sui and Bodymap amongst others. It was perhaps these designers that first saw in Patrick the potential, which is now recognised globally. Straight out of college and to much acclaim Patrick launched his own collection in September 1985 and was soon known in celebrity circles as ‘the shoe guru!’. By September 1991 he was ready to open his first boutique and so, number 8 Symons Street opened its doors. In 1993 Patrick’s diffusion line, “Wannabe” was launched and with it came hordes of Patrick Cox fans, all eager to get their hands on their first pair; even the security guard who was hired to tame the queues (which went round the block) was famous! Focus and an ever-increasing demand paved the way for a string of boutiques to follow with the first Paris Boutique opening in July 1994. On the eve of his first decade in the industry, The British Fashion Council awarded Patrick with “Accessory Designer of the Year” for two years running, His International recognition also enabled Patrick to receive a number of other notable awards. Globally the brand has built up a formidable reputation and is recognised for creativity and ingenious design. January 2003 saw Patrick appointed as Creative Director at Charles Jourdan, his brief being to rejuvenate the brand. After 2 years of successful collaboration, Patrick decided to move on and concentrate on the development of his own business. Expansion plans include the refurbishment of his London boutique in July this year. Today with twenty years in the Industry under his belt, Patrick Cox remains at the forefront of fashion and is set to continue to develop his art to give truly inspired form and substance to each of his shoes, rekindling the roots of his original design strength. Museum pieces around the world ensure longevity and his loyal fans and future admirers will confirm Patrick Cox’s tenure as one of the industry’s key players.


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