Peter LawsSeptember 2, 2010
United Aircraft and Sikorsky built them, but I don’t know who did the design or even how the two companies are/were related. There were also sets built for Penn-Central and its predecessor, the New Haven. Those were inherited by Amtrak, but the CN, later VIA, versions ran much longer and are considered much more successful. IIRC, there is a Sikorsky site somewhere that has a history of them. The Canadian Railway Museum in Delson, QC, did NOT get a set when they went to be scrapped because they had a fit of “not invented here” syndrome. Pity.
Peter LawsSeptember 2, 2010
Oh yeah. CN is a RailWAY, not a RailROAD. All the hardware works the same, just the lawyers spelled it differently. :-)
MikeJuly 6, 2012
Beautiful trains, sleek, fast, & lightweight. Unfortunately technical problems prevented them from reaching their full potential.
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