The Kenora, Ont. based brewery sunk 1,000 bottles of beer underwater in Lake of the Woods, they are calling the extra-chilled brew Deep 6. Rob Dokuchie is the Director of Marketing for the Lake of the Woods Brewing Company. He said the product has an interesting history. “We have a brewer that actually came over from South Africa a few years ago and he had heard of a brewery there that had done it,” Dokuchie said. “They sunk some beer under the ocean, and it’s called driftwood brewing. So we kind of thought that would be a really cool idea to take on and try here on Lake of the Woods. We haven’t seen really anyone else doing it in the world, to be honest. There may be a brewery in Croatia that tried it, but yeah, it’s pretty unique.” Dokuchie said the limited release Russian Imperial Stout was dropped to the bottom of Lake of the Woods with the help of a cargo boat and diver on November 1, 2020. It will bottle age six metres under the ice at 3 degrees to 4 degrees for six months. “Now that it is in the water, it is actually is undergoing what’s called lagering,” said Dokuchie. Dokuchie said each bottle of Deep 6 is hand-numbered and signed by the companies head brewer and will be packaged in its own custom printed container. He said a limited run of this beer was produced for release in late spring 2021.


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