The grass is always greener on the other side with Grass Frames. We’ve featured some wood bikes in the past, but nothing like the Grass frame. Unlike other companies that utilize wood, Grass Frames leaves the pure essence of bamboo with all its quirks, capitalizing on its natural beauty. Wood seems to be a popular choice for bike builders in the last few years, who would have thought something so natural could be used to create something so functional; but I guess that’s been happening for sometime now. The Grass Frame is built in Vancouver, Canada; and Vancouverites know and love their bikes in this uber bike-friendly coastal city. Grass Frames has strongly considered the environment in the production of their bikes, even the resins used to finish the frames are plant based.  We think it’s great that a bike can be created with minimal impact on the environment, and then be further used to reduce the users carbon footprint.


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