Patrick Cox




Great attention went into the accessories for this collection. Galliano had seen and liked Patrick Cox’s work when he made shoes for Westwood’s ‘Clint Eastwood’ collection (A/W 84-85) and they had become good friends – both being devotees of Leigh Bowery’s ‘Taboo Club’. Cox-designed ‘Hobo’ shoes were in two styles: brown leather with cutaways exposing the big toe and heel, the other with chisel-shaped soles and cotton-ticking flounces that peeled away from the heel. He made around six pairs of each style (he couldn’t afford to make more) which the models would need to keep swapping during the show. These were advertised for sale at £136.50, but very few pairs were made and sold.

About halfway through the show Patrick Cox sensed something strange was going on, ‘John sent people to distract me but gradually I realized that a lot of the models had gone missing. He had told them to go outside the Barracks and drag my pristine shoes through the mud. These were MY shoes. I had paid for them and I had no money back then – it was really hand to mouth. I was furious – they weren’t new-looking anymore, which meant I couldn’t re-sell them. When I tackled John he replied - ‘It’s designer mud darling – they’re worth more now!'


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