The Never Forgotten National Memorial is a project to mark Canada’s 150th birthday, and to commemorate the 114,000 Canadian soldiers who have died fighting in foreign countries. To be called “Remembrance Point,” its most striking feature is a “Mother Canada” statue, which could be as tall as ten storeys high, that depicts a woman extending her hands towards Europe. The statue is to be modeled after “Canada Bereft,” a similar monument at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial.


AnonApril 5, 2014
Please stop this monstrosity. However well-intentioned, this is a hopelessly crass vanity project that should never be permitted in this beautiful natural setting. There are far more constructive ways, and appropriate places, to honour the memories of those who have given their lives, so that we can enjoy ours. Let’s keep our natural monuments free and beautiful for our own quiet contemplation and appreciation of this great country, and those who have made it so.
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