Exhibition catalogue published in conjunction with show held at The Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art in 1974, Montreal, Canada. Introduction by Fernande Saint-Martin. Artists include Louis Jaque, Omer Parent, Yves Trudeau, Roger Cavalli, Michel Champagne, Guy Bailey, Sindon Gécin, Fernande Pratte, Reynald Connolly, Marcelle Ferron, Peter Gnass, Claude Goulet, Yvon Cozic, Jean Noël, David Sorensen, Irène Whittome, Roger Vilder, Tib Beament, Ghitta Caiserman-Roth, Jennifer Dickson, Susan Hudson, Roslyn Swartzman, Kittie Bruneau, Richard Lacroix, Norman Laiberté, Alfred Pellan, Gilles Boivert, Marc Dugas, Michel Lancelot, Michel Leclair, Antoine Pentsch, Lise Gervais, Patrick Landsley, Rita Letendre, Guy Montpetit, André Théroux, Allan Bealy, Andrew Dutkewych, Suzy Lake, Leopold Plotek, Bill Vazan, Claude Girard, Suzanne Dumouchel, Robert Venor, André Philibert, Marie Langlois, Michèle Poirier, Suzanne Joubert, Maxime Cosma, Réal Arsenault, Robert Gauthier, Ronald-Arès Bergeron, François Dallaire, Kenneth Peters, Doreen Lindsay, Isabel Dowler-Gow, Louis Charpentier, Giuseppe Fiori, Maurice Raymond, Raymond Dupuis, Shirley Raphael. Includes artists' biographies, checklist of the exhibition. Texts in English, French, German, and Italian. "The participation of the Québec art galleries in events in Europe is of particular interest since they exemplify the dynamism and vitality of the new methods of diffusion in use in Québec for some years now and constitute a complex multi-faceted infrastructure."-- Fernande Saint-Martin's.


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