Hand-made by artist and designer Zoe Cezar-White, these TUFFY BAGS up-cycle used coffee burlap sacks and plastic liners to create a weather-resistant everyday tote. 

Each bag is unique, hand-sewn and no two prints are alike. They use actual coffee sacks imported from around the world, so the image design will vary. Even though you won't receive the exact bag shown, you won't have to worry about getting the same one as your friends. 

The coffee sacks are made with natural jute fibre and enclosed with two layers of Grain-Pro plastic. This plastic keeps the green coffee fresh through the international import process. The handle is made of woven natural cotton, making this bag tough enough to handle your everyday carry. The inside pocket allows you to keep your keys, phone and wallet easily accessible as you fill the tote with your daily gather. 

These TUFFY BAGS are a limited edition run, and only 15 unique bags are available. 


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