A provocative new monument in downtown Toronto that “gently” reminds onlookers who won the War of 1812 shows a giant British toy soldier towering over a toppled American figurine. “I grew up thinking the Americans lost the War of 1812, and it turns out there’s this creeping revisionism happening. Americans are saying maybe we didn’t lose” Coupland told a crowd of onlookers gathered to see his first permanent installation. The standing soldier is dressed as a member of the 1813 Royal Newfoundland Regiment; the soldier on its backside is a member of the 16th U.S. Infantry Regiment. “I wanted to come up with an elegant and simple way of saying no, the British won,” said Coupland. The Canadian and American disconnect over what happened during the War of 1812, when American troops invaded what was then a British colony, only to be pushed backwards, has become apparent as the two camps plan to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the three-year war. A spokesperson for the U.S. consulate in Toronto had no comment on the monument, but said the U.S. government is committed to freedom of speech. Via


JustinMay 26, 2009
Coupland was interviewed on CBC’s Q program recently about this. It’s worth checking out.
katMarch 19, 2010
I took some pix, too: <>
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